The first step

Over the distance of approx. 3 miles, we aim to install a fully functional pilot route in Osnabrück on Martini Straße and Kurt-Schumacher-Damm. The roads connect Osnabruck's Neumarkt and the district of Hellern. We plan to hand it over to the Osnabrück public utility company for commercial operation and maintenance. The two streets are excellently suited for such a pilot installation, as the above vision of Martini Strasse in 2030 proves (created by Peter Kuczia). To do so, we necessarily have to carry out a feasibility study that has already been subsidized with 50% of the total costs by the state of Lower Saxony.

We consider the financing of the pilot construction to be sustainably viable after independent auditors will have provided a full proof of concept and after the federal funding under the relevant German public transport support legislation will have been successfully obtained.